Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire some or all of your venue for a private party or business event?

Yes, we offer many options for large and small parties and events. Contact us HERE

Can you host large groups?

We can host groups between 6-10 people – subject to availability.

Are you dog friendly?

We can accommodate your dog within our outside patio.

Do you have vegetarian or vegan options?

We offer several vegetarian options within our menu, including a vegan sausage.

Do you make your own sausages?

We work with an artisan sausage maker in Sonoma County.

Where do you get your bread?

We have our own baker.

Are your sausages gluten free?

All our sausages, except for our hot beer sausage are gluten free.

Where does your sausage meat come from?

Our sausages are all made using the very best cuts of Berkshire Hog, which is a heritage breed.